Your favourite place
as art on your wall

45 Euros – 40 Designs

Create a map poster

Create your own unique map poster from your favourite place around the world. Choose from one of over 40 artistic map designs.

The map poster, 50x70 cm, will be printed at a professional print shop using high quality paper and optimized colours.

When you receive the map you can frame it and put it on the wall.

All maps are €35. Free world wide priority shipping.

How it works

1. Find a location

Search any place in the world. Zoom (pinch) and pan to find your perfect map.

2. Choose a map design

Try our different map designs - there are over 40 of them! Which are your favourite?

3. Label your map

If you like, give your map the final touch by setting a personal label.

Helsinki map poster in style Pop Emerald Citrus
Map poster over unknown city in style Fullscreen Eggshell
Berlin map poster in style Screen Orange
Paris map poster in style Fullscreen Tricolor
  • Ateljé Kartan now at Eniro